611: Etienne Stott, part 6: Activism and Leadership

July 27, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

In this sixth conversation between an Extinction Rebellion Rebel and a home-grown sustainability leadership (I hope) leader, we explore more of the life of someone who has devoted himself to solving our environmental problems.

We continue comparing and contrasting the approaches, learning from each other, developing friendship, sharing the challenges, and sharing why we do it.

If you, listener, haven’t yet decided to make sustainability your priority, I think you’ll find everyone needs your help. I hope this conversation helps influence you. Whatever else you’re working on, clean air, land, food, and water will help.

I hope Etienne and my conversations help reveal it’s a deeply rewarding life.

And hearing from an Olympic gold medalist who sees this work as the most valuable he can do is pretty engaging.

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