615: Living off the grid without solar either (as all humans once did)

August 9, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

Regular listeners know I started an experiment disconnecting from the electric grid. I began May 22. Then on July 22, I posted an episode that the solar panel or battery broke, or both. I didn’t see how I could continue so said that after I finished recording, I’d declare victory, reconnect to the grid, cook lunch, and move on.

Regular listeners and readers of my blog know that I posted about keeping going. What gives? Did I stop or not?

I’d meant to record an episode explaining that I kept going without even solar power, though still using my “cheat” of allowing plugging my computer and phone at NYU. Recording my second episode with Michelle Nijhuis, I got to share that story, so I’m posting it here. She lived off the grid for fifteen years, so had plenty of relevant experience.

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