648: Michael Herz, part 1: The United States Constitution, Sustainability, and Pollution

December 10, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

Regular listeners know I’m thinking about applying Abraham’s Lincoln solution: a constitutional amendment banning pollution. Here’s an earlier episode on it: 613: Our Next Constitutional Amendment.

It sounds crazy, but we’d be crazy not to consider it and learn from the idea. Even if the United States takes a long time to do it, other countries would likely do it first. It turns out others are organizing for a similar amendment, for the right to a clean environment.

Michael’s expertise in constitutional law and environmental law make him perfect to give context in those two areas.

One day even the U.S. will show overwhelming support for an amendment making pollution illegal, a modern version of the Thirteenth Amendment. Future generations will lament how we took so long to conceive and pass it. It begins with conversations like this one.

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