654: Mark Mills, part 3: The Cloud Revolution

December 28, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

After I’ve read his recent book The Cloud Revolution, Mark and I continue our conversation on sustainability and what to do based on qualitative and quantitative understanding. I’ve also been listening to his podcast.

I came to Mark for his thoughtful research on the problems with solar and wind power, which people call clean, green, and renewable but are none of the above. I mainly want to get his views in general, which he shares. Within that frame, and trying as a host, not an investigative journalist, I’ve tried to focus him on exposing the larger problems with fossil fuels, nuclear, fusion, and other sources.

He doesn’t seem to consider their problems seriously. I hear him motivated by the view that lower energy prices and greater supply have benefited society and the concern for society breaking down if energy prices increased or supply decreased.

Regular listeners know I find huge potential life improvements in lowering energy use and that I see significant problems with our lives and future if we stay with oil, gas, coal, nuclear, and fusion so I support decreasing energy demand and supply, as I’ve lived and am living.

As you can hear, we two physics-trained examiners of our environmental situation enjoy our conversations. I expect it won’t be our last.

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