668: Christopher Ketcham: Growthism Versus Sustainability

February 8, 2023 by Joshua
in Podcast

Reading Christopher’s story in the Pacific Standard, The Fallacy of Endless Economic Growth What economists around the world get wrong about the future, made me contact him. It was one of the only reviews of criticism of our culture’s attempting to grow the economy and population forever that didn’t prioritize growth dogma over understanding. The article centered on the book Limits to Growth, its analysis, and the unhinged criticism of it.

I had to look up his other work too. I recommend following up at his page, which links to his writing and Denatured, his journalism nonprofit.

From the moment he starts talking in this conversation, he lays down basic, common sense understanding of our culture’s fundamental tenets, which he calls growthism. To my ears, it sounds like what we see in front of our noses all the time, yet few to no one with prominent voices will say it.

He talks about how we got this way, how things could be different, how he came to write for such prominent magazines, and more. He is at times serious, funny, calm, exasperated, and always authentic, genuine, and honest.

I hope you know people who understand things as Christopher does and is as outspoken with what they’ve learned. I believe everyone should hear messages like his periodically. Our culture tries to drown such voices out, but what he says is too clear and makes too much sense to remain silenced.

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