674: Oliver Burkeman, part 1: Time Management and Sustainability for Mortals

March 3, 2023 by Joshua
in Podcast

Oliver’s book Four Thousand Weeks deserves the incredible praise it gets. I’ve recommended it to many friends and can’t for the life of me put into words how he refines and changes how I look at time, priorities, how to choose what to do, why, and how to feel about it.

The best I can come up with is that instead of worrying what I’m missing or craving doing what I can’t, which leads to a life of feeling like I’m missing out and scarcity, it leads me to construct and build, which makes me feel abundant. I can enjoy what I am doing instead of missing what I’m not. It forces me to think deeper questions than just what would increase my productivity. Productivity doesn’t help if I’m pointed in the wrong direction.

His views resonate with me because I’ve transformed similarly in how I look at consuming natural resources. Stopping flying, for example, led me from craving visiting places I heard of to realizing the best I can do is enjoy where I am with whom I am as much as possible. The result: I get the life value I wanted without polluting. If I do travel, things I would have disdainfully dismissed as small, like biking somewhere and camping overnight bring me more value than trips I flew to.

I think it’s fair to say we connected meaningfully and learned from each other. Listen to hear for yourself, but I think the Spodek Method resonated with Oliver more than most.

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