677: Roz Savage, part 1: It’s Doable and You Can Do It. One Oar Stroke at a Time

March 14, 2023 by Joshua
in Podcast

Roz could have stopped at rowing solo across oceans to world records, awards, and national honors.

She didn’t. She had done those things for a purpose: helping make our world more livable, less polluted. They gave her greater skills to appreciate her purpose and implement it better.

As with most people, the challenges looked insurmountable to her. But unlike most people, she had once made a list to row across an ocean and, finding no impossible steps, she did it. Over and over. It’s easy to look at her today and figure, “of course she could do it. She’s an ocean rower. She was born that way,” or something like that. But before she did it, she was a disgruntled employee and spouse looking for meaning and a way to improve her world, not a record-holding athletic champion.

So also unlike most people, she looked at what sustainability would take, saw no impossible steps, and knew she could help achieve it. That’s my read.

I would have been happy to host her for the athletic achievements alone, but they were all stepping stones for greater service to humanity.

She describes her latest book, The Ocean in a Drop and her life experience and goals.

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