679: Alan Ereira, part 2: The world through Kogis’ eyes

March 24, 2023 by Joshua
in Podcast

I was very curious to learn more about the Kogi and Alan’s interactions with them.

Alan is deeply involved with their joint project to learn to restore nature as they have shown they can. “Restoring nature” doesn’t do justice for what they are doing. They are also sharing different ways of seeing and interacting with the world, which, as I understand from Alan, is not how they see the world.

Alan starts with a couple descriptions of how the Kogis view things differently than Europeans, including in ways we wouldn’t have suspected were different. How does a medieval castle look to someone who has never seen a stone building? If they see something a typical European sees daily, how much else are we misunderstanding? What are we missing?

Their process for planting includes steps before planting of contemplation. What are they doing? What are we missing? Can we learn from them? Can we learn from them before we wreck them and ourselves?

What else about nature are we missing? How common are their views to other cultures that our polluting culture hasn’t wrecked yet?

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