682: Gautam Mukunda, part 1: Teaching Passion for Leadership at Harvard

April 21, 2023 by Joshua
in Podcast

I’ve made it no secret that sustainability lacks leadership and leaders. If you want to help on sustainability, I suggest that the most valuable thing you can do is learn to lead. If you know how to lead, improve it. Nothing can change as much as leading cultural change.

Gautam’s passion is to learn how leadership works, how to teach it, learning more about it, writing about it, the military, most relevant to our conversation: conveying what he knows and that passion.

The upshot: someone who knows as much as anyone about leadership, what works, what doesn’t, learning more about it, how to teach it, and passionate to convey what he’s learned. He also knows and has befriended some of today’s most effective leaders, whom he mentions in our conversation. He calls General Stanley McChrystal “Stan.”

Let’s see if we can bring Gautam’s knowledge, experience, and connections to sustainability.

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