701: Robert Litterman, part 2: “We need legislation, we need a price on carbon.”

July 15, 2023 by Joshua
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You won’t hear many finance people promoting more taxes, though it’s increasing. Bob talks beyond our conversation a few weeks before about a carbon tax, integrity, permanence, standards, measurement, and many different angles. He talks about responsibility and holding the companies creating the problems responsible. It just takes courage.

Regular listeners know I find that when anyone focuses only on carbon, greenhouse emissions, and climate, they almost always miss our other environmental problems, like plastic, pollution, deforestation, and you know the rest, Bob agrees the tax incentive should apply to these other areas, though I’m not sure he acts on them. It’s easy not to change the system, but to make it more efficient and accelerate it overall, even if you lower problems in one part of the system.

But mostly I wanted to hear his views and strategies, not press, so I hope I listened more than challenge.

He also shared his inside views of people in finance approaching a tipping point of realizing we have to protect our environment — everything, not just climate.

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