700: Matt Matern, part 2: Plant a Tree

July 13, 2023 by Joshua
in Podcast

Matt shared last time about the redwoods I keep hearing about in California that I’ve never seen but find they transform people.

His goal was to plant a tree. He ended up with a new tree, plus he planted other plants. Listen to hear the story. More than what he did, I recommend listening to his emotional experience. Did he have to do all the things he did? Could he do other things that are more mainstream but might pollute more if he wanted?

We talked first about the problems with what most people mean when they talk about teaching children, helping poor people experience nature, and a few other tactics people promote without thinking them through, as I believe. They sound great. What are they missing?

Matt has thought through such issues more than most and was patient enough to let me share some of my views.

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