736: Mattan Griffel, part 1: Online opioid addiction treatment that (actually) works

December 5, 2023 by Joshua
in Podcast

Regular listeners know I focus on understanding addiction. I see people in my neighborhood and in headlines nearly daily addicted to heroin, fentanyl, meth, and crack. Since our culture promotes craving and dependence as what many would call “good business,” I see people on those drugs not as outliers or anomalies from culture. I see them as slightly more acute versions of mainstream America.

I see addiction to doof as serious as addiction to illegal drugs. Increasingly medical professionals are recognizing what they would call ultra-processed foods as addictive. Plenty of other polluting things—fast fashion, cell phones, etc—are addictions our culture promotes. The product sells itself! What could be better for the GDP.

Mattan cofounded Ophelia, which treats opiate addiction online. He shares the deaths he and people his community experienced that prompted him to start the company. You can see in his bio his entrepreneurial background.

He brings a unique, healing, effective, passionate voice to addiction. You can tell the time and effort he’s put into understanding the people he helps.

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