738: Jacqueline Bicanic, part 2: Sustainability doesn’t cost time and energy, it gives it

December 19, 2023 by Joshua
in Podcast

People complain they don’t have time, money, or energy to live more sustainably, I think because marketers see the demand so come up with things to sell people to address the demand. Since neither buyer nor seller understand how nature or systems work, the offerings don’t help sustainability. Meanwhile, high demand and low supply means high prices, so people associate costing time, money, and energy with sustainability when they should associate it with their gullibility and ignorance.

Jacquie didn’t complain about costs, but she did say she was too busy. She was even busy working on sustainability. I suggested in our first conversation that cause and effect might be the opposite of what she expected. That is, I suggested that her busy-ness wasn’t keeping her from nature but that her disconnect from nature was distorting her values to where she did many low-value things that kept her from what she valued more.

I based this prediction on seeing the pattern many times. I think of it mostly in people insisting they buy takeout food (really mostly doof) and coffee to save time because they’re so busy, but the ones who switch to sit down for meals and coffee find it gives them more time, not less.

In our second conversation, you’ll hear many things, including this pattern play out in Jacquie acting on her intrinsic values and seeing where it leads.

I recommend connecting more with nature to help restore your values and priorities, which will create more time and energy in your life, allowing you to save money too.

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