742: John Brooke, part 2: American slavery transformed to today’s industry and anti-stewardship of our environment

January 20, 2024 by Joshua
in Podcast

If John’s specialty in deep history weren’t valuable enough to understand how our culture’s dominance hierarchy formed from the material conditions of the dawn of agriculture, he also specializes in American history, including slavery from before the Revolutionary War through to the Thirteenth Amendment.

We start with his sharing what drew him to the two fields. Then I introduce what led me to want to learn from him. I share a main thesis of my book, starting with the journey that led me to see how today’s industry and technology evolved from slavery. To clarify, I understand that machines and industry didn’t help end slavery, but sustained the system, including its cruelty, just changing the mechanism.

As I heard, my thesis is essentially accurate. He shared more history of how slavery evolved from before the Atlantic Slave Trade, through North American chattel slavery, how the framers of the Constitution handled it (or sold out on it), how it evolved with cotton, and more.

If you are interested in how our culture still practices the cruelty that slavery did, though with more people suffering and dying, listen to this episode. Then read my book when it comes out to see how to channel the motivation to change that system to effective action.

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