086: Awareness means nothing. Or less.

September 12, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

Neither the environment nor your life responds to your awareness. They respond to your behavior.

People who speak the truth say, “I’m telling the truth.” People who lie say the same thing.

People who are aware say they are aware. People who are unaware say the same thing too. Only we’re all unaware of what we’re unaware of. Saying we’re aware only reveals our ignorance of our unawareness. That’s pride.

If you want to improve the environment or your life, claiming awareness may sound like progress and may get you social approval, but in more cases it stops people from acting.

What works? Humility. Viewing action as skills that you develop and practice. How do you develop skills? Practice, practice, practice.

The results? Greatness, authenticity, genuine self-expression, and all the other results of mastery, even from environmental skills.

Want results? Avoid seeing awareness as a goal. Act. Do. Develop skills.

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