080: Nataly Kogan, Part 1, Influencing others to live happier

August 31, 2018 by Justin Schenck
in Podcast

Happier Now.

Nataly starts by sharing her personal story of her family escaping Russia to America, navigating life with immigrant parents. She shares some vulnerable and raw experiences. Even so, she shares feeling blessed to be living in Detroit projects. Listen for why.

She talks about taking many wrong turns, decades chasing happiness through achievements and success, trying to hide from feelings of pain, sadness, or stress. She hit a wall, but eventually discovered happiness here and now, not always having to strive, is the key.

Nataly shares her 5 core happier skills that you can implement now. They’re free on her page, with videos, and comprehensively in her book Happier Now. When talking about her challenge we talk about making it fun for her family.

Read the transcript.

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