Video: North Korea’s War Museum and differences between expectations and experiences

February 27, 2013 by Joshua
in Freedom, NorthKorea

Before entering the War Museum (not sure the official name), I interviewed my friend and group-mate, Andrew, on the differences between our expectations — that the environment would be oppressive, we would be watched all the time, and so on — and experiences — communicating with the people and learning so much.

Sorry about the sound, but as you can see it was windy.

Here are details of painting of Korean War battle scene in North Korean War Museum, showing the gallant and heroic North Korean soldiers. Most such paintings show U.S. and other opposing forces as hook-nosed with near-claws for hands. I couldn’t figure out if the hook noses were supposed to be anti-semitic or not, but they looked that way. I’m not sure how much North Korea opposes other countries’ religions.

Sorry I didn’t get the chance to zoom in on any of those, but I had to wait for everyone to leave the room to record without obstruction and I had to catch up to the group.

Here are some stills of that painting:

Here a North Korean tour guide describes some captured military planes, boats, tanks, and other vehicles from the Korean War, now stored in the basement of the Korean War Museum.

We recognized her from our last visit so when we first saw her we warmly greeted each other. It’s nice to see old friends in unusual places.

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