Notes for future essay ideas

May 29, 2024 by Joshua
in Creativity

I’m compiling some essays I plan to write, maybe for op-ed pieces, maybe for a next book. I wanted to post them publicly to hold myself accountable, but not give away what they’re about before writing them.

The result: I’m writing notes to remind me that may not make sense to others. Sorry today’s post may not make sense, but it’s part of a writing process. Maybe months from now when I’ve finished some of the essays and published them, you’ll get to look back at this page and know where they came from.

  • Carbon taxes and the EPA are a category error
  • The actual challenges of sustainability
  • What corruption looks like
  • The problem isn’t the risk of a future collapse or others far away. It’s affecting you here now
  • Lost in Paris
  • More liberal than liberals, more conservative than conservatives, etc
  • Changing overnight is easier than gradually and worked before
  • Elaben, India, and Elders
  • Nobel in peace should be physics
  • Entrepreneurship solution: Gamestop Exxon
  • How we got so polarized and why conservatives will overtake liberals on achieving sustainability
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