Op/Ed Friday: Institutional power in academia and changing times

December 16, 2016 by Joshua
in Education

When I was a kid, liberals boycotted for fairness and equality and football was violent.

Now, (some) liberals call for violence (see video below) and football players boycott for fairness and equality, at least according to today’s headline: “Minnesota Football Players Pledge Boycott Over Teammates’ Suspensions.”

Crazy Times.

I’m not commenting on right, wrong, good, or bad. I have no inside information. I’m only commenting on people’s behavior, tactics, and who holds institutional power in academia today.

The football team is boycotting playing and practicing, claiming unfair treatment to its players:

The University of Minnesota football team pledged on Thursday to boycott all football activities, including a coming bowl game, to protest the suspensions of 10 players in connection with a sexual assault investigation.

A woman secured a restraining order against six Minnesota players — one of whom was later dropped from it — after an episode in September in which she said she was sexually assaulted by several men, some of whom were suspended for three games by the university. The men have insisted the sex was consensual.

While the police investigated, prosecutors declined to charge the players…

Meanwhile, a year ago, a professor called for violence, or at least force—“I need some muscle over here!”—against the media, “Melissa Click, Missouri Professor, Defends Her Actions Against Student Journalist.” I don’t know how her behavior looks to you, but to me she seems drunk, or entitled, with power and self-righteousness, as if she expects no consequences for her actions, nor consideration of others’ viewpoints or rights.

Crazy times.

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