Our North Korea itinerary

December 10, 2011 by Joshua
in NorthKorea

Today I’ll finally cover where we went on each day. Most people who have visited North Korea will recognize at least some of the places since the list of places the government lets you see is so short.

For people who have never been there, I’ll cover some later and hope to get to more.

Day 0

  1. Orientation in Beijing
  2. Search for duck restaurant, exploring Beijing on foot
  3. D Lounge at night

Day 1

  1. Meet at Koryo, Beijing
  2. Flight to Pyongyang
  3. I missed bus buying fruit
  4. Plane didn’t have as many seats as they gave us tickets for
  5. Bought lots of duty-free alcohol, tobacco, and chocolate
  6. Check in to hotel, same hotel everyone checks into. Forgot to look for bugs. Only night the air conditioner worked there

Day 2

  1. Monument of 3 characters
  2. Demilitarized zone
  3. Kaesong (DMZ city) — grand boulevard plus statue
  4. Funeral mounds, driving in hills
  5. Other hotel, traditional; Drinking with robotic server

Day 3

  1. Woke up around 5am in Kaesong, heard music from loudspeaker that played all day
  2. Back to Pyongyang
  3. Subway
  4. War museum
  5. John and I noticed rifles represented dead soldiers
  6. Incredible diorama, but what meaning?
  7. Shooting range
  8. Mass Games!

Day 4

  1. Kim Il Sung Mausoleum
    1. Crazy narration, impossible to characterize
    2. Long walking
    3. Old women took pictures with us
  2. Cemetary for martyrs
  3. Ultimate Frisbee tournament!
  4. Mass dance
  5. Amusement park

Day 5

  1. USS Pueblo
  2. Artist studios
  3. Pizza for lunch, John sings
  4. Ostrich farm, guy videos us
  5. Cave
  6. Other hotel

Day 6

  1. Mount Myohyung
  2. Buddhist temple
  3. Gift showroom
  4. Children’s performance
  5. Juche Tower

Day 7

  1. Cooperative farm
    1. Propaganda? speaker not from truck but top of building, 30 foot Kim Il Sung statue, “model” farmer home, Andrews sisters / Lawrence Welk musical performance; no crops
  2. Kim Il Sung birthplace
  3. 3 revolutions museum
  4. Flight back to Beijing

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