Peace versus personal freedom

April 18, 2015 by Joshua
in Freedom

I’m not sure how to resolve this, or if anyone can.

Some people enjoy fighting, even war. The more freedom you give people, the more freedom they have to promote fighting, which seems to decrease peace.

Some say things like “Your freedom ends where mine begins,” suggesting that laws regulate behavior that affects others. Still, belligerent people can democratically influence the law to allow more fighting. And wars involve people in other countries, whom the law doesn’t apply to.

Others point to education as a solution, saying that the more we educate people the less they’ll resolve difference through fighting. I guess that’s possible, but it has an air of “I’m right. If you knew more you’d realize I’m right too.” I don’t find people who think and act that way that credible. After all, the other person usually feels the same way.

Peace and personal freedom seem to conflict. Most of the time, no problem. Sometimes big problems.

Has anyone thought more about this or know any resources?

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