Questions about litter, following my thirtieth college reunion

June 12, 2022 by Joshua
in Education

I went to my thirty-year college reunion over the weekend. I was surprised to find it didn’t affect me as much as reunions used to.

After the big dinner, I walked south on Broadway to 96th Street. I felt like walking (the food was greasy and I had a few drinks so wanted to burn the empty calories). I used to walk those blocks every day. I felt sad at how they’ve become covered with litter.

A few simple questions, I pose rhetorically, but am curious how people would answer:

Why doesn’t everyone pick up at least a few pieces a day?

How can everyone not cry or at least reach the verge of tears every day to see it?

How can people pass it by without doing something?

How do people not connect paying for things that include a disposable component with litter, whether they litter or not?

How do people accept it? Do they not realize it will grow unless all of us act?

Why don’t people stop themselves from funding the system producing all the garbage?

How can people choose to produce more packaging?

I expect I’ll come up with more questions and add them.

After putting the trash from the creek in a can, I found more litter on Wissahickon Avenue walking back.

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