Read KQED’s story about Joshua Spodek adopting inquiry-driven project-based learning at NYU-Poly

March 11, 2014 by Joshua
in Education

Read KQED’s story about how I’ve adopted inquiry-driven project-based learning in teaching my class at NYU-Poly, Entrepreneurial Marketing and Sales, in “Can University Professors Benefit from K-12 Progressive Teaching Tactics?

You no doubt already read my post “Inquiry-driven project-based learning rocks!” describing my experience at EduCon in Philadelphia and starting to value and use this style of teaching. If you didn’t, go there for background. The KQED reporter who wrote the piece found me there as one of the few or maybe only university professor there and followed up by interviewing me.

I don’t know how many professors teach this way. I hope this story helps us find each other to create some community and support to help other professors who would benefit from it learn about it.

Anyway, read the article at KQED. Here’s the beginning to whet your appetite.

Some university teaching practices are held sacred, but perhaps college professors can learn from progressive teaching tactics of K-12 classrooms.

Case in point: Joshua Spodek who attended EduCon, a conference designed for K-12 educators mostly out of curiosity, left the weekend committed to revamping a New York University graduate level business course using what he learned about the tenets of inquiry-based learning. Educators at the conference helped him think through how it would work and pointed out how well suited his class would be for inquiry — for one primary reason: His students pay money to take courses they have already expressed interest in learning.

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