The Village Sun profiled me and the Spodek Method

July 10, 2024 by Joshua
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The Village Sun profiled me after seeing me charging my battery with solar panels a few months ago.

The reporter, Otto Fritton, spent time talking and learning what I’m up to. I’m not doing it for myself or for pipe dreams. Check out the story: The Spodek Method: Saving the planet and ourselves by not harming others.

It begins:

Often humans struggle to understand their impact upon a larger humanity, making the prospect of changing their mindset and committing to environmental sustainability daunting. After all, what can one person do, if anything, that will have an impact on others in a world of 8 billion people?

According to Josh Spodek, though, the answer to the question “what can one person do?” is not as bleak as some might think. Basically, Spodek believes that many people just don’t give themselves a chance. Much of the media and messaging about sustainability, he said, is misleading and discouraging to individuals looking to live in a more environmentally conscious manner.

“What got me leading others was when I discovered that the change benefitted me directly,” Spodek explained. “Every message I had ever heard on sustainability, on the environment was that we have to sacrifice.”

Spodek, who lives in Greenwich Village, believes that by equating change to sacrifice, we intimidate and demotivate ourselves. However, by taking a more disciplined and rational approach — which he labels the Spodek Method — changing our approach and attitude becomes synonymous with something positive: reward.

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