You don’t learn from someone telling you the answers like you do through experience

December 5, 2015 by Joshua
in Education

Effective learning doesn’t come from telling you the answers. It comes giving experiences that lead you to find out the answer for yourself.

That’s why we value experience and not just someone who can repeat what others told them. You don’t hire someone because they can tell you what they read or heard. You hire them for what they’ve done.

That’s why I create my courses as I do.

Traditional education has a lot of teachers telling students answers or assigning reading that tells them answers, also known as theory, and not enough giving people experience that leads them to discover or create their answers for themselves. I believe my courses do that.

If we could just tell people answers, we wouldn’t value experience in teachers. We could just use books and videos. Teachers become valuable when their experience adds more than the raw information books have. A teacher just lecturing and giving answers undermines their would-be added value. A teacher who uses their experience to guide students to gain experience more effectively or more enjoyably adds value.

I create courses to give students experiences that let them discover and create answers for themselves. That’s my goal, at least.

I use my experience to guide them and make the process more effective and enjoyable than they’d get otherwise, blindly plundering through life. I design my courses like a designer: until there’s nothing left to remove and everything remaining is valuable. Then you get the experience in months that would take years in regular life.

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