4 things to remember when riding in 29 (-2C) degree weather

February 8, 2021 by Joshua
in Fitness

Just back from riding out to Brooklyn across the breezy Williamsburg Bridge. I rode in 36 degrees a few weeks ago. Today was my first time this cold in a while.

I thought of a few helpful tips for riding in this temperature on a windy day.

1. Extremities: I dressed to keep my extremities warm, especially fingers, toes, and ears.

2. Delivery men: Did I think I was special? I saw dozens of guys delivering food to people who won’t go outside. They’re probably working eight-hour shifts and half the customers probably aren’t tipping extra.

3. Grandparents in Amsterdam: If delivery guys didn’t give me enough humility, right now I bet dozens of grandparents are riding around Amsterdam on bikes, where it’s probably colder, and they’ve been doing so since before I was born.

4. My friend and podcast guest in Fairbanks: A couple years ago my friend Jethro Jones emailed me to be a guest on my podcast. Hearing others’ commitments, he wanted to do one. As a school principal, he committed to riding to and from school every school day for a year. In Fairbanks, Alaska, that meant minus 40 degrees (where F and C are the same).

Think of the difference between 98F degrees and 29F degrees. That’s how much colder minus 40F is than 29F.

I’m glad I rode and didn’t get too proud of myself. It’s just how to get around.

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