Addiction in Greenwich Village, Early Summer 2024

July 8, 2024 by Joshua
in Addiction

Here is the greatest sign of addiction I commonly see, a disposable plastic cup from Starbucks, being thrown away, sweat still forming on the plastic from the ice not yet melted. Someone paid for oil to be extracted and ice formed in 90F (32.5C) weather just to throw it all away.

Below are more addicts, although these ones are mostly only hurting themselves. Starbucks customers hurt humanity (and wildlife) more, even if they put their plastic waste in trash cans or “recycling” bins.

Do Starbucks customers think their plastic doesn’t poison?

Do Starbucks customers think they money they spend isn’t going to more lobbyists?

Do Starbucks customers think they money they spend isn’t going to fund more extraction?

Do Starbucks customers think they are less addicted than the people in the pictures below, and I’m not talking about to caffeine, but to the self-indulgence enabled by polluting, depleting, and plunder?

Do Starbucks customers see their cups as different than the syringes in the pictures below?

EDIT: mid-July: a few more pictures. I could take a few of these nearly every day.

EDIT: More. Again, I could take these every day. Also again,

I want to make abundantly clear: people flying, driving, buying and consuming doof, buying fast fashion, using social media, and other addictive activities are just as addicted but harming other people much more, as well as funding lobbyist and advertisers to promote yet more damage.

If you fund those products and services, these pictures might as well be of you, but more so.

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