Want Ambition? Advice From 5 Achievers

August 7, 2017 by Joshua
in Entrepreneurship, Inc.com

My Inc. story today, “Want Ambition? Advice From 5 Achievers,” begins

Joshua Spodek's Inc. story on ambition

Joshua Spodek’s Inc. story on ambition

Want Ambition? Advice From 5 Achievers

The ambitious secrets of a TED resident, a Broadway star, a Marvel artist, a MakerBot executive, and the entrepreneur bringing them together


It gets things done.

Most Inc. readers have it. Some wish they had more. Many hide theirs. Too many, if you ask me.

Like determination, resilience, self-awareness, and grit, among other properties, successful people have it and unsuccessful ones make excuses for lacking it.

A panel of experts

I recently attended a panel the Harlem WeWorks on ambition of successful, ambitious people who have accomplished a lot early in their careers.

They include a TED resident, an award-winning Broadway dancer and actor, a Marvel artist, MakerBot’s General Cousel, and the podcaster who brought them together. To call each an entrepreneur is an understatement.

I asked each, after the panel:

  1. What was the most useful advice or insight on ambition that you shared at the event?
  2. What was the most useful advice or insight on ambition that you learned at the event?

Read the rest at Want Ambition? Advice From 5 Achievers.

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