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How Profit First is helping my friend run his business

on May 27, 2024 in Entrepreneurship, Stories

A friend who runs a business found the book Profit First by the guest of my podcast Mike Michalowicz. He shared in a private forum how much it helped him. Mike and I email, so I shared with him my friend’s post on how much his book was helping him, taking out the personal details. Mike loved learning he helped an entrepreneur, so I’m glad I emailed him. Recently I[…] Keep reading →

More Life-Changing, Inner-You-Revealing, Passion-Unleashing Magic of Initiative

on May 1, 2024 in Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Exercises, Relationships

A month and a half ago I wrote about Eugene’s reflections on finishing the ninth of the ten exercises in my book Initiative in my post The Life-Changing, Inner-You-Revealing, Passion-Unleashing Magic of Initiative. He finished and posted about the tenth exercise at his blog: Method Initiative (Round 4) – Exercise 10: 10 Valuable People (And final Initiative methodology thoughts), and it’s as inspiring. Read the whole post for all he[…] Keep reading →

A billion-dollar idea: Moonshot solar: modest solar for a larger market

on April 2, 2024 in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Nature, Tips

A lot of solar companies are competing for the home solar market. I once read an estimate of fifty million homes for $30,000 per home on average, meaning a $1.5 trillion market. Since most people can’t spare $30,000 for an investment that could take decades to pay itself back, if ever, these companies are marketing higher end homeowners. They are positioning themselves like BMW or Lexus. My only source of[…] Keep reading →

The Life-Changing, Inner-You-Revealing, Passion-Unleashing Magic of Initiative

on March 15, 2024 in Creativity, Education, Entrepreneurship, Exercises, Stories

I’ve shared Eugene’s public postings of his experience doing the exercises in my book Initiative. At each stage, he learns more about himself and making his world work for him. Taking initiative forces you to learn your values, not in some abstract way, but: How do I want to spend my time, money, energy, and resources? How long do I want to follow other people’s values, or the worn path[…] Keep reading →

“Josh, You Can Grieve Your Loss Too”

on September 11, 2023 in Entrepreneurship, Stories

I’ve posted about my September 11, 2001: We called the company I co-founded Submedia. We filed the patent in 1998. Our first investment came in 1999, enabling us to pay ourselves salaries and hire people to develop prototypes and create partnerships with subway systems. Atlanta’s system signed first, followed by the PATH system connecting New York City and New Jersey. Coca-Cola signed in 2001 as our debut advertiser, beating Nike[…] Keep reading →

Another Million-Dollar Idea: A browser add-on to channel impulse buys to donations

on August 26, 2022 in Entrepreneurship

I can tell by how much people throw out and how many boxes litter the streets that people buy a lot that they don’t want. I presume Amazon’s people have found how to control people to buy junk. People like the act of buying things. Maybe also receiving packages and opening them. They probably regret many of the things they buy, but they liked that feeling and the site[…] Keep reading →

How we kill innovation around sustainability

on August 4, 2022 in Entrepreneurship, Nature

An anecdote reveals how we stifle innovation and entrepreneurship. Regular readers know I lowered my ecological footprint over 90 percent in under three years, improving my life. Governments and corporations can do what I did—once they choose longer to profit from hurting other people by polluting, even if legal. A reporter profiling me said she wanted to pollute less too but couldn’t figure out what to do about disposable Keurig[…] Keep reading →

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