An Example of Great Parenting

January 28, 2013 by Joshua
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Years ago I heard of a great examples of parenting I’ve heard of from one of the great people I’ve met in my life. Not having kids — merely the favorite uncle — I don’t know parenting firsthand, but I understand it’s challenging and related to leadership.

My friend lives halfway around the world from me so I haven’t kept in touch with her. I can’t mention much about her because she’s so well-known and I don’t know how much she wants shared. National awards are named after her.

Anyway, I worked with her years ago and learned a lot from her. She played a lot of sports, including ultimate.

Years after I lost touch with her, a mutual friend told me she had come out as lesbian. She took her time but eventually decided to tell her parents.

She sat them down, told them she had something important to tell them, and finally told them. They said, “We were wondering when you were going to tell us.”

Something about that non-judgmental acceptance, giving space, and humor still chokes me up today.

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