An old building in North Korea

August 10, 2012 by Joshua
in Art, NorthKorea

I believe a king lived here and that the building dates from around 1400, but I don’t remember. Still, it’s one of the few historical buildings they have or architectural references to a leadership other than the Kims.

Sorry I don’t remember the details (perhaps a reader who knows can remind me), but you start tuning out the guides and the stories glorifying the Kims and their regime sometimes, even when you’re looking at something unrelated.

The full building

Detail of the interior of the top

Upstairs (the sunlight overexposed the bannister)

Detail of a corner

Detail of the top of a pillar

The ceiling of another building in the complex

The ceiling of the previous picture from a different view

The ceiling of the previous two images from a different view.

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