Any Given Runway features me (who avoids runways)

June 29, 2020 by Joshua
in Audio

Randell Carlton Green, author of Smart & Solo: The blueprint for efficient and enjoyable solo travel, hosted me on his podcast, Any Given Runway. Given what looks like a focus on flying, I appreciate his open-mindedness in inviting me.

As it happens, the podcast’s focus evolved from travel to great people—athletes, authors, adventurers, artists, and more. We spoke on habits, sustainability, personal challenges, and what makes great people great.

Listen to the episode.

The episode notes:

106. Today’s guest is the incredible and dynamic Joshua Spodek. He is a 3X TedX speaker and bestselling author, and holds a Phd in astrophysics and an MBA from Columbia. Joshua has a unique philosophy on life, and has created many simple rules to enable himself to have an optimal life. Joshua shares some of his stories, and describes how he has become an environmental leader.

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