A belief to replace worrying about jobs

October 6, 2017 by Joshua
in Education, Entrepreneurship

Changes in technology and markets may shift job needs from one field to another, but not that people will always have needs that if you help fill them, they will compensate you. If you have skills to communicate and behave to make people feel comfortable sharing their problems with you, and to help solve their problems, you can create jobs for yourself.

The work may not be what you trained for, but if anyone learned to do that work, you probably can too.

The only way there couldn’t be need to help people is if everyone had all they needed, but then you wouldn’t need anything either.

I guess it’s possible that the rich would have everything they needed and the poor didn’t. Then the poor wouldn’t be able to earn from the rich. If the rich further controlled enough of the materials the poor needed, the poor could be in trouble.

Money isn’t all people need. Even food and material possessions don’t give meaning. If you can figure out how to help someone with more resources than you have, they will reward you.

That means finding out what they need, not coming to them pleading for a job. It may mean learning different skills than you had in the past, especially in how to approach, communicate, and behave, but the chance to learn what people need and help them is always there.

It starts with developing the skills to learn what people want and need.

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