Do you want new beliefs and models?

August 2, 2013 by Joshua
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I’ve gotten encouraging feedback on my series on my daily beliefs and how to create your own.

A friend wrote with an idea to involve readers to help make the series more useful and active: to offer readers suggestions for alternatives to beliefs and models that are holding them back. New ideas could come from me or other readers.

I liked his idea. Today I’m opening up to people looking to change their beliefs to send old ones in for this community to help change.

Even if you don’t act, I expect just thinking about your beliefs, writing them out, or seeing others’ beliefs will help. If you share a belief and get a better alternative, you’ll improve your life and see how the process works — opening yourself to changing other areas.

Of course people change beliefs all the time. Doing it by actively and deliberately creating a new belief and crowding out the old one empowers you to do it more.

If you want to try alternative beliefs and models

  1. Read the series if you haven’t (I just got a bump in new readers), take a look at it, at least its first few posts.
  2. Then think about parts of your life that could work better for you and try to think of the beliefs and mental models underlying your behavior in those areas.
  3. Then write those areas up. Email me directly (I’ll keep your identity as anonymous as you like) or post in the comments below. I’ll respond as best I can. Other readers might too.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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