The best book for understanding North Korea

December 31, 2011 by Joshua
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North Korea fascinates us. Its leaders, their posturing and militarism, their economics, and more all fascinate us. Their belligerence puts them in the news often.

Yet we know little about them. More than fascinating, they are globally important. They are a nuclear power with the world’s fourth largest military and most militarized border. Yet the media, mainstream and otherwise, mystifies them more. No one explains how or why anyone could act like its leaders and population do.

Until now.

I wrote Understanding North Korea: Demystifying the World’s Most Misunderstood Country to explain the situation there. Many books and articles cover border skirmishes, human interest stories, the apparent oddness of their leaders, breaking news, and the like.

None before gave the big picture.

Understanding North Korea gives a simple, high-level overview that explains why everyone involved behaves as they do — North Korean leaders, the North Korean people, South Korean leaders, Chinese leaders, Russian leaders, Japanese leaders, and U.S. leaders. After reading this book you won’t be confused by some leader’s actions or wonder why nobody seems to do anything to change the situation.

Understanding North Korea: Demystifying the World's Most Misunderstood Country

The best book to understand North Korea: Understanding North Korea: Demystifying the World's Most Misunderstood Country, by Joshua Spodek, PhD, MBA

This book arose from my reading many articles and documentaries and finding the same mistakes in them all. I know of no other book that clarifies the situation as well or explains it as easily and briefly.

Since my visit to North Korea and finding the people, if not their leaders, so wonderful I struggled to understand the country. Media coverage on the country, mainstream and otherwise, so distorts the country you can’t discern the preconceived notions from what happens there.

If North Korea fascinates you, if you want to understand one of the world’s most important regions, if you are concerned who has nuclear weapons, preventable famines, and all the things that happen there, read Understanding North Korea: Demystifying the World’s Most Misunderstood Country.

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