Too much sugar? Here’s a bigger problem.

July 30, 2018 by Joshua
in Nature

You’ve already heard an evolutionary reason for obesity, but there’s another.

The one you’ve heard is that since our ancestors evolved in environments without much spare energy in their diets, we evolved to love eating high-energy things like sugar and fat and bodies that hold on to that energy, mainly in fat.

Then in the past few generations, we filled our worlds with foods high in sugar and fat. People eating the food around them end up eating more calories than they need to live and become obese.

I’ll tell you a bigger, more relevant change, because people can still choose not to eat the high-energy foods. The problem is they don’t. They don’t because of a different way we changed our environment.

There are fewer lions.

Fewer tigers.

Fewer bears.

I’m not advocating predators roaming our streets, but their absence is a major change. I suspect predators’ presences leads potential prey such as humans to stay lean.

Look at these majestic creatures and tell me a few of them around wouldn’t keep people able to run at a moment’s notice.






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