Book 3, first draft done

March 14, 2021 by Joshua
in Art, Creativity

I finished writing the first draft of my third book to be published. I count my first two books, which I self-published, in a different category.

Fountain Pen

No one has read a word of this one yet. I’m prepared that others may think it sucks. The next step is to start editing, enough to include something great in the proposal, most of which I’ve written, but it needs to include a chapter or two.

I signed up for a writing workshop, which helped guide and motivate me. It has worked wonders, and I expected a lot. I’ve attended every session, reflecting on what I learned. I mark this evening as the milestone of finishing the draft since I sent it to the workshop leader for my first session of developmental editing, Tuesday.

This book is on sustainability leadership. The working title, which I expect to change, is What Everybody Gets Wrong About the Environment (and How to Get It Right). Nearly every book on the environment is about facts, figures, and telling you what to do, which I would call aspects of management. Management is essential, but to change global behavior requires both management and leadership.

Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream,” not “I have a four-point plan.” He did have plans, but he knew not to lead with them. Nearly everyone doing anything on sustainability is managing. We need dreams too. Inspiration.

If anyone is interested in helping, let me know. I find more advice and feedback from diverse sources helps. I think you’ll like the book. I described to a friend most of the book on Friday and he liked it, though written word is a different medium than spoken.

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