Bought two new non-food material things this year (cumulative: three things this year, I think)

May 26, 2023 by Joshua
in Leadership

I bought a couple new non-food material items this week. I think so far this year I bought a thermal shirt used from a thrift shop. Other than that I think the only material things I’ve bought this year have been food. I’ve paid to pollute through my electric bill, phone bill, and so on, so I’ve got a long way to go. I try to keep track of what I pay for. I prefer not buying things.

Last week I bought a direct current adapter so I can charge my computer from the battery without converting to alternating current and back. It should reduce power loss to heat. Here’s the charger, it plugs into the cigarette lighter jack, which the battery/power station has.

I also bought a pair of shoes off ebay. I’m not sure if they were used or resold, but they were a lot cheaper than new. I’ve been looking in thrift stores in my neighborhood for shoes, but haven’t found good ones, so ebay it was. Here are the shoes I bought:

I also bought my one packaged food I still consistently buy, which is peanut flour, defatted, the stuff left over when they take the oil out of peanuts. I don’t know any bulk sections that sell it, so I buy it from high upstream, in fifty pound bag that last me about a year. The stuff seems healthy and I use it a lot.

I expect to buy some socks soon. I don’t remember when I last bought socks, but I think it was with my ex-ex-girlfriend, which means seven or eight years ago, maybe more. It’s time for new ones.

I’m not sure what else non-food material stuff I’ll buy this year. I’ll try to keep it down. So far, I think I’ve kept it below $100. I feel like people buy a lot of things they don’t need. I used to buy a lot of things that didn’t improve my life. Many times growing up I said, believing it: “whoever dies with the most toys wins.”

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