Bringing peace sooner: videos of North Korea: a glass factory

February 25, 2013 by Joshua
in NorthKorea

As if getting to see an industrial site like the steel factory wasn’t enough, we got to tour a glass factory too.

Here we see the input, which I think is melting down old glass and other ingredients to make new glass. You can see they color different parts of the machinery different colors.

Input: melting glass and ingredients

Middle: the machine

Here we see the middle part of the factory’s production line. I couldn’t capture looking inside the contraption to see the glowing molten glass but the camera couldn’t capture its brightness.

Sorry about the noisiness. That’s just the place.


Here we see some output of the contraption — a line of metal glass. If you look carefully you’ll see what looks like water bugs dancing on the surface but on closer inspection looked like bits of the output being blown around by the heat of the glass.

Glass factory output — long sheets of glass moving  along straight and level.

Here is more output, seeing some arm cutting the now-cool glass sheets.

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