Video: Bringing peace sooner: videos of North Korea: boats, a bumpy road, and a shooting range

February 25, 2013 by Joshua
in NorthKorea

Today was see a few random videos.

First some oil tankers in the river by a road in Pyongyang seen from our bus. Sorry not that interesting. Just sharing for completeness.

Here we see the inside of our bus while we road on an insanely bumpy road. The North Korean government seems to want to portray itself as the best at everything, so putting foreigners and such a poorly kept road suggests others are far worse, if alternative infrastructure exists at all. I can’t imagine how they feel about the difference between what they want to portray and what they can’t help but show.

I did my best to hold the camera steady, but that was impossible on this road. Plus the road was raised, so falling would have had the bus tumble for a while. Not that we expected the bus actually to tumble down, but conversation slowed down and I moved to the back middle seat — the one seat on the bus with a seatbelt.

Here we cross a bridge just after that bumpy road.

If I remember right, this road was near where we played ultimate on our previous trip and the Martyr’s Cemetery.

We shot rifles at a shooting range in Pyongyang, North Korea. The shooting range had beer and guns and all the employees were female so it was guns, booze, and girls. I’ve written more about the shooting range after my first visit to North Korea and the battery died after two seconds so I won’t write much about it here. There are lots of pictures of the shooting range there too, I think.

Anyway, sorry for only two seconds. We all loved the experience and I’ll find some pictures of shooting

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