“I can talk to my brothers and sisters again” — coaching client

March 7, 2014 by Joshua
in Education

Coaching works.

The quote above, “I can talk to my brothers and sisters again,” came from one of the one-hour coaching sessions I have with students.

We were talking about business relationships and understanding—specifically the perspectives in this post, “My boss sucks. How do I manage my manager?” We did the exercise in this post,  “How to make someone feel understood: confirm and let them correct you,” which he applied it to another part of his life. He paused to take it in after saying that, speaking with a focus and intensity for the rest of our conversation.

An experienced person can see blind spots you can’t and can get you to face them. Overcoming them can help you in areas you never expected. Results aren’t necessarily that fast or dramatic, but they happen consistently.

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