Meeting my fourth Nobel Prize winner

March 8, 2014 by Joshua
in Creativity, Education

Sorry no big insight today, but I couldn’t help note that in attending a talk by Joseph Stiglitz and participating in the question and answer afterward, I got to interact with my fourth Nobel Prize winner.

I met more of them when I studied physics, in particular studying with one. I also got to be friends with a Professor who had been hired by one of the other laureates in the department specifically to work on hard problems—one of the major prize-winners, who could have won it twice—and then was there when another professor was awarded the prize.

I’m probably just bragging. And to say I met him might overstate our interaction. But Stiglitz’s talk was great. He knew his material and presented it simply enough that you got how well he understood it. It’s nice to have a life that brings you in touch with people like that.

EDIT (October 9, 2018): I met my fifth this evening, Beatrice Fihn.

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