How does a car flip over like this?!?

September 26, 2012 by Joshua
in Blog

In a taxi ride home last night, we turned the corner onto Donghu Lu and saw this — a car completely flipped over. I’ve seen a lot of things in life, but I can’t imagine how it happened. The stuff on the curb nearby was messed up, but not enough to explain how the car flipped over. There weren’t any skid marks or other flipped over cars. The headlights were still on.

My friend and I got out of our taxi to take a couple pictures. The cops there, unlike New York City cops who would belligerently say “Move along, show’s over” and force us away, had no problem with us onto the scene. As we walked away I noticed my friend even had an open container of beer (and a yet-to-be-opened one for after).

Sorry if all the pictures of Shanghai aren’t about leadership development, but you try seeing a car flipped over like this and not posting about it.

Upsidedown car in Shanghai

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