The Coat of the Future: Bring on the Winter

November 14, 2017 by Joshua

My Inc. post yesterday, “The Coat of the Future: Bring on the Winter,” began

The Coat of the Future: Bring on the Winter

My Inc. post yesterday: The Coat of the Future: Bring on the Winter

The Coat of the Future: Bring on the Winter

When the temperature dropped into the 20s, I was prepared, looked great, and lived by my values.

A couple years ago on a winter vacation toward the end of my last parka’s life, I saw a beautiful coat. Despite the designer name it was affordable.

But I couldn’t buy it. The triple combination that it was filled with down, the liner was genuine fur, and I had tried on coats before leaving that were just as warm without animal products.

What others do is their business, but I knew for myself I’d have trouble sleeping, having seen too many videos of animal treatment.

The problem: the equally warm coats I’d seen at home didn’t look good. And they were mostly nylon and other plastics that I wasn’t convinced were so benign to the environment.

Enter Hemp Hoodlamb

I don’t remember how I heard of them, but I came across a company called Hemp Hoodlamb. They make their coats from a materials that turns out to be durable and not plastic: hemp.

Not just hemp. The insulation is made of recycled plastic.

I’m a laggard on many technologies and trends. Luckily for me New York’s last winter was mild and I got by with my fall coat. It took me a whole year to decide to try this new coat.

As much as I mentioned my concern about animals and the environment, people can’t see those things. They aren’t how I evaluate a coat in action.

I care about two things:

  1. Does it keep me warm?
  2. Do I look good in it?

Result: It’s awesome, warm, and looks great

It’s really warm. As in, laugh at the weather warm, though I may be biased having gone a winter with only a fall coat.

Read the rest at The Coat of the Future: Bring on the Winter.

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