It takes effort to learn to eat more vegetables and legumes

November 15, 2017 by Joshua
in Nature, Perception

I grew up learning to avoid eating as much as I could or wanted. That is, I learned to try to stop eating before I was full. Eating became an exercise in self-restraint. It was hard.

I don’t think I picked up this practice from my parents. I think it came from society. I think I learned to view food as unhealthy, all the more so the better it tasted.

In the past few years, avoiding packaged food and fiber-removed food, I find myself eating more than ever per meal, in terms of volume and mass of food.

In terms of calories, I don’t think I’ve eaten more than ever. On the contrary, I think I’ve eaten fewer calories, since I’ve lost fat. Before my current diet, eating to stuffed would cause me to gain fat. I don’t know anyone who gains fat faster than I do if I eat more calories than I need.

So it’s taken me a long time to get used to eating to stuffed, which I have to do when it’s mostly vegetables, fruit, and legumes cooked from scratch.

I love it—eating delicious foods is pleasurable. It’s rewarding too when I prepare it myself.

It just takes getting used eating so much mass and volume of food, still, after years of doing it and learning it’s not too much. I’m still getting used to accepting and enjoying food as healthy in every way (not counting packaged and fiber-removed products as food).

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