Columbia’s 2013 Commencement

June 27, 2013 by Joshua
in Blog, Education

Last month Columbia invited me to walk in its big commencement for the twentieth anniversary of graduating college there. I don’t often get to dress in my medieval-looking PhD cap and gown, so I accepted. If you’ve never seen a Columbia commencement, it’s a great, stately affair with tens of thousands of graduating students and their families, all the more so when you realize how few spaces like its campus New York City has.

Naturally they had me sit beside the President of the University, all of us on stage looking like a bunch of popes in our prestigious caps and gowns, discussing important matters of science and philosophy. And why have a web page if not to share the grand experience )and my cool sunglasses)?

This slide show starts with the faculty in our pope-like robes in a pre-commencement reception among the grand columns of Columbia’s Low Library, followed by us walking out onto the stage, a few pictures of us and the commencement speakers, followed by us exiting.

My camera has an awesome panorama mode. These pictures look better when you look at them wide screen. The blog doesn’t let you see them show Columbia’s full glory, but you can right-click to download them to see them larger, which I recommend.

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