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December 8, 2011 by Joshua
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Usually I prefer using GNU/Linux. Every now and then something in that community annoys me. In the spring the people behind the Ubuntu distribution decided to make a new interface the default without telling me. When I “upgraded” it messed things up, but, with some work, I got it back to how I liked it.

This time when I upgraded, they removed my usual interface. After major work, I realized the effort to restore how I like to work wasn’t worth it and I switched to a different distribution, called Mint, specifically the Debian edition. Maybe I should have gone with pure Debian, but reports made Mint sound like it could handle video better.

Why am I writing about what few people care about?

To go on record that Ubuntu’s new interface, Unity, worked worse for me than nearly any interface I’ve used. For how complicated it made using just a plain command line interface I found it almost as bad as Windows or Mac.

Anyway, I’m writing this post on the 12th. Unity, which I tried to test with an open mind but found counterproductive, knocked me out of commission for days and I’m just catching up. As I said, I know this doesn’t matter to most readers, but I want to go on record as disdaining Unity and whatever happened at Ubuntu that led to removing my preferences.

Trust takes years to develop yet can be lost in an instant, needing years to redevelop. I don’t expect to use Ubuntu any time soon.

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