If you crave something you don’t have, people who have it will always be able to control you

July 6, 2012 by Joshua
in Blog, Freedom

The title of this post speaks for itself so I’ll keep it short.

I just keep seeing people wishing they had more than they need not realizing how they are creating jails for themselves, giving others control over their lives.

  • If you always want more money, people with more money will get you to work for them.
  • If you want fame, people with access to media will get you to work for them.
  • If you want power and influence, people with power and influence will get you to work for them.

You get the idea. Oh, and when they get you to work for them, they won’t reward you for it.

If you don’t crave something, someone will try to convince you that you do anyway

Likewise, if someone can convince you that you want something, they can control you. Advertisers convince you that you aren’t happy to sell you food and soda and drugs, that you can’t attract friends and partners to sell you beer and clothes and make-up, are sick to sell you drugs, and so on. Politicians convince you you’re unsafe to get your vote.

You don’t need that much, so you don’t need to crave that much

A couple days ago I posted how spending less improves your life. The less you need, the less others can control you. You don’t need that much. You can create most things that improve your life yourself and with your friends — mainly as much emotional reward as you want.

The more you know your needs and independence of them, the more resilient you are to their control, and the more freedom you have.

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