Criticism I deserve myself?

February 12, 2013 by Joshua
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I just read a post by a young entrepreneur called “About not owning sh*t” with a similar theme to some posts I wrote. On another forum I posted what I intend as constructive criticism.

I applaud his lifestyle, but the post reminded me of an insightful joke.

Q: How do you know when someone doesn’t have a TV?

A: They tell you.

Again, I like his decisions. I hope I don’t sound like other posters putting him down or defensive things like he must be rich to live poor, which miss the point. He just seems to be bragging about it. Why not just not have a lot of stuff and leave it at that. If you want to inspire others, a post of a few sentences would probably suffice:

I avoid having things I find useless and I’m aggressive about considering things useless. Some people might think I’m cheap, but I’m not. I do this on principle. When you cut out crap, you find yourself.

Did I miss anything important? Whatever those four sentences left out in content I feel they made up in brevity and punch.

I suspect I could say the same about some of my posts. Mine may be more than long enough. I can’t tell because I’m too close to them.

Any feedback from others? You read my stuff. Too lengthy? Too much “hey look at me”?

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