Did Donald Trump Destroy Godwin’s Law?

August 18, 2017 by Joshua
in Leadership

My post on Medium yesterday, “Did Donald Trump Destroy Godwin’s Law?,” began

Did Donald Trump Destroy Godwin’s Law?

As a nerd who values old school internet memes, I value Godwin’s Law — an internet staple since 1990, that as online discussions grow, people become more likely to compare the other side to Hitler.

Its meaning and poignancy rests on the accusation having no basis.

What if the accusation had basis?

Godwin’s Law is poignant and meaningful because it reveals how people lose perspective amid the anonymity the internet gives them and their counter party. No matter how much you dislike someone who disagrees that your favorite movie is the best movie ever or whatever your online discussion, that person isn’t Hitler, or even comparable.

Read the rest at Did Donald Trump Destroy Godwin’s Law?.

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